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STOR YOUR STUFSTOR YOUR STUF was created with one thing in mind, You, our Customer. The mission of our staff is to ensure our customers have the peace of mind and relaxation they deserve knowing their valuables are in a safe and well protected environment. That’s why we take pride in knowing the relationships and memories you attach to your personal belongings makes storing with STOR YOUR STUF your best choice. Your possessions will be in a safe, cost effective and convenient place allowing for better and more efficient utilization of your personal or business space.

Security Cameras
Safety is always a concern for our customers. Our parking lots, buildings and doorways are all well lit. Each building is monitored 24/7 with closed circuit cameras and security lights creating a secured environment even when late Controlled Access Gate Keypadnight access is required. Also our facility is fenced and gated with a private “pin” controlled gate access code that can only be updated at the customers’ request.

“Cleanest place I have ever seen”, is a comment heard consistently by many customers. Prior to a move-in and again after a move-out, each unit is thoroughly swept  and floors mopped with a diluted bleach mixture to insure the cleanest unit possible.  We also a have monthly insect and pest control service to insure the safety of your possessions.    

We offer Climate Controlled units, RV and Boat storage, large units with Construction and Trade Storageelectricity and water for Construction / Trades and Conventional Storage units with standard 8 foot garage door entry.  Additional services include: Notary, Fax, and Propane Exchange. We also accept UPS, FedEx and USP deliveries, sell moving and packing supplies, and offer 24/7 gate access to those requiring it.

As a  U-Haul dealer,  we offer trucks, trailers, auto transports and tow dollies to make your move into our neighborhood or relocation away from our Hall Chamber of Commercegreat community, simple, hassle free and cost effective.

So… if you just need to free up the garage to get the car in, renovate your office or clean out the basement to make room for that new game room for the kids, STOR YOUR STUF  offers the space, safety and security you can depend on.  Return your home to a place to live rather than a place to “STOR YOUR  STUF”.



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